Grid in Finance
Grid in Supply IT solutions for finance industry worldwide.

Grid In Finance

Providing computer based solutions and equipment for the boat, car, equipment and home industry. The complex calculations and record keeping required by financiers like car finance companies, require up to date software and network solutions that will process transactions, secure details and file reports automatically.

The technology provided by Grid In Finance provides real time computing and reporting on accounts, transactions and allows for fast easy data entry. We have seen in recent times, financiers like boat finance companies competing in the allocation of computing power, and this will continue as technology advance. Because Grid in Finance helps solve complex technology based problems with data distribution, such as security, it is best suited for the coming challenges that these finance companies will face.

A recent series of workshops by Grid In Finance focused on portfolio management, asset allocation, risk management, resource management for the finance industry, fault detection and tolerance, security support, legal aspects of the system and case studies. The results of these workshops, and the feedback of users will soon be made available for prospective users.

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